Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

interesting show - ANIMISM @ Generali Foundation

Opening: September 15, 2011, 7 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: September 16, 2011 through January 29, 2012
Agency, Marcel Broodthaers, Adam Curtis, Didier Demorcy, Walt Disney, Jimmie Durham, Eric Duvivier / Henri Michaux, Thomas Alva Edison, León Ferrari, Walon Green, Victor Grippo, Candida Höfer, Luis Jacob, Ken Jacobs, Joachim Koester, Yayoi Kusama, Len Lye, Chris Marker / Alain Resnais, Daria Martin, Angela Melitopoulos & Maurizio Lazzarato, Ana Mendieta, Vincent Monnikendam, Jean Painlevé, Hans Richter, Roee Rosen and Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Animism is a multipart exhibition project; after episodes in Antwerp and Berne, it is now on display at the Generali Foundation. The exhibition Animism. Modernity through the Looking Glass takes up the current broad-based reassessment of modernity, examining the ethnological conception of animism as it was framed in the context of colonialism as well as the concept of animism in psychoanalysis. In Vienna, the city of Sigmund Freud, one focus of the exhibition is on aesthetic approaches that subject the distinction between the psychological "inside" world and the material "outside" world to critical scrutiny.